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13 Unbelievably Cute & Gender-Neutral Lunch Boxes

lunch boxes

It’s almost back to school time! It’s hard for me to believe it’s already the first week of August, which means school could start as early as a few weeks from now, depending on where you live. But yes it’s time to start thinking about what super cute and cool lunch boxes to get your kid for the fall, regardless of gender or age.

Here’s some of my top picks (I may even get one for myself):

1. Bento box, $15 (comes as an owl, penguin, or panda)

2. Hello Kitty bento box (dishwasher and microwave safe), $14

3. Pokemon lunch bag, $11

4. Unicorn lunch box, $15

5. Harry Potter lunch case, $30

harry potter

6. Fender lunch box, $18

7. Music tape lunch box, $10

8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunch box, $11

9. Despicable Me lunch box + backpack set, $34

10. Emoji backpack + lunch box set, $17

11. Insulated lunch box, $17 (comes in five patterns)

12. Silver hedgehog lunch box, $15 (comes in three options, a whale and an elephant)

13. Ice cream lunch box, $35

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