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14 Classic Family Movies You Can Stream Right Now—Snow Day or Not

When you’re a parent, snow days mean one thing: You have to watch your kids since they’re home from school. That can be hard, especially when you probably didn’t get a snow day at work (yay for working from home), so you need to figure out a way to get your kids to stop trying to hurt each other and do their homework. Basically, this means it’s time to put on Netflix and pick a kid-friendly movie.

Well, we made it easy for you, and rounded up some of our favorites that are available to stream. You can take a walk down memory lane and watch some of these ’80s favorites (like “The Princess Bride!”).

Check them out below:

1. “Goosebumps


2. “The Little Prince

the little prince

3. “The Little Rascals

the little rascals

4. “Fantasia


5. “The Princess Bride

princess bride

6. “E.T.


7. “Turner & Hooch

turner and hooch

8. “Snow Time!

snow time

9. “Snow Day

snow day

10. “Zootopia


11. “High School Musical


12. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”


13. “Honey I Shrunk the Kids


14. “Paddington


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