16-Year-Old Creates Stroller Attachment for Disabled Mom in Wheelchair – Kveller
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16-Year-Old Creates Stroller Attachment for Disabled Mom in Wheelchair

Many moms push their baby in a stroller without even realizing the absolute ease and convenience a simple piece of technology affords them. Imagine not having that convenience.

That was the reality for Michigan mom Sharina Jones. After losing the use of her legs in an accidental shooting at 5 years old, she’s used a wheelchair since; she even started a non-profit organization called Think Beyond The Chair that delivers wheelchairs to children in impoverished nations.

So, as an expecting mom, she was worried about how she could use a stroller. Luckily, she heard about a program at the University of Detroit Mercy where gifted high school students work on college-level STEM projects that sometimes help people with disabilities. After contacting the program director, she was matched with 16-year-old Alden Kane, who engineered a stroller attachment to meet her needs. It took about six months to make.

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We can’t tell you how much we love this idea. I mean, if you can get a stroller for your puppy, then a mom who uses a wheelchair should be able to get a stroller attachment. Seriously.

There are 4.1 million disabled parents living in the U.S right now. This is precisely why Kane’s wheelchair stroller attachment is so significant–not just because of how it has helped one mom, but how it’s raising awareness about a serious need for more baby products geared to parents with disabilities.


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