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3 Reasons I Am Stressed Out About Passover

Passover is a holiday on which we are supposed to revel in our freedom from tyranny. In the modern age, however, anxiety is the new, less-whip-happy (apologies to Christian Grey) Pharaoh. Once the Purim megillah is wrapped and put away, I start feeling the stresses of Passover. And this year, I want to liberate myself. And that’s where you all come in.

Although I have yet to discuss it with my husband (Jon, consider this a talk), I’m leaning heavily toward using nice plastic plates for the seder we’re hosting. But here are some of the other reasons my first thoughts become anxious, and how I plan on addressing them. But I’m going to need your help!

1. As any parent of young children knows, there are only three food groups: Bagels, Pasta, and Pizza. Passover knocks all three out of commission for a week or week plus, depending on your Jewish denomination. What’s a parent to do? Please go to the comments and show off your best kid-friendly recipes for Passover (beyond matzah pizza)—the ones your kids actually eat!

2. Preparation. Whether it is the idea of shopping in the kosher for Passover aisle of my local supermarket (Livingston Shop Rite is the place to go, New Jersey locals, for all your k-for-p ice cream needs), or cleaning my house (something I don’t like to do under the best of circumstances), I break into a cold sweat. Yet both have to be done. Let’s not talk about how crappy my cleaning is. Let’s instead discuss how I tend to go overboard at Shop Rite and buy enough food to feed a small nation for a month of Passover. I would prefer not to do this again. So please, help me out: What are your essential go-to items over Passover, in the vein of matzah meal breadcrumbs, macaroons, etc.?

3. I will be hosting the first seder this year—a comparatively small gathering by my family’s standards (read: 28 people). As almost half of said people are under age 10, it is very important to me to keep things interesting. The “frogs here, frogs there” song—even when accompanied by puppets—can only take you so far. I want things to be more engaging. What are your best ideas for how to make a seder young-kid-friendly?

Please help liberate me and Jewish parents all over the land from our bondage. Let’s have this be the year we are truly free.

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