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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Israeli ‘Wonder Woman’ Actress Gal Gadot

You may not know who Gal Gadot is yet (unless you’re a comic book nerd), but she’s the Israeli model-turned-actress who is reprising the role of DC’s warrior Wonder Woman in “Batman v Superman,” which comes out in theaters tomorrow. She’s already gotten noticed–apparently, ticket buyers say Wonder Woman’s debut (75 years after her creation) is the biggest draw for the movie, with 88% saying they are looking forward to her character, according to Fandango.

Deborah Snyder, the film’s producer, told The Hollywood Reporter that really wanted to get the character right, because of what she stands for:

“She’s such a symbol of women’s roles. In every decade she’s existed, she has reflected women of the times. I think it’s only fitting that now, especially with a lot of talk about gender equality, that she really has her rightful place on the silver screen.”

So, who’s the face behind the power? Here are five facts you may not know about the 30-year-old Gadot, who is the third actress to play Wonder Woman:

1. Her first role was “Fast & Furious” in 2009. 

2. She was Miss Israel in 2004. She also represented Israel at the 2004 Miss Universe beauty pageant.

3. Gadot kind of was Wonder Woman in real life–she served for two years as an enlisted soldier of the Israel Defense Forces. She has been quoted as saying how important her Israeli identity is:

“I definitely have a strong sense of my Jewish and Israeli identity. I did my two year military service, I was brought up in a very Jewish, Israeli family environment, so of course my heritage is very important to me. I want people to have a good impression of Israel. I don’t feel like I’m an ambassador for my country, but I do talk about Israel a lot. I enjoy telling people about where I come from and my religion.”

4. She’s also a mom. She and husband Yaron Varsano have a 4-year-old daughter named Alma. The family lives in Tel Aviv.

#FBF to a family sunset walk ☀️ ☁️ 🌳 #OutAndAbout

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5. She’s not done playing Wonder Woman. She is going to continue the role with her own spinoff film “Wonder Woman,” which is set to release in 2017.

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