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6 Israeli Snacks Your Kids Will Love (And You Will Too!)

Everyone loves snacks, especially snacks that are sweet and savory (even before they’re both at the same time for those who are indecisive like me!). In honor of Israel’s Independence Day, which starts tonight, we rounded up some of our favorite and most popular Israeli snacks. Your kids, of course, will love these, which will make you their favorite person in the world–for now, anyway.

These are our favorites below:

1. Bamba


Bamba is a peanut butter snack you can find all Israeli toddlers toothlessy chewing on until it literally just melts in your mouth. Some scientists and researchers have even speculated it’s the reason many Israeli kids don’t have peanut allergies. 

2. Bissli


Bissli is another beloved snack by Israeli kids everywhere–and how can you blame them? Its crunchy and comes in flavors like grill, bbq, pizza, and falafel. Helloooo.

3. Krembo


Krembo is a delicious kosher vanilla cream snack. Need we say more?

4. Peseq Zman

israeli snack

Peseq Zman is a chocolate wafer and hazelnut cream chocolate bar, which is basically heaven in a bar. 

5. Mekupelet

Mekupelet is a flaky, yet ultra delicious, Israeli chocolate bar. Chocolate is pretty much the best thing ever. Did we say, chocolate?

6. Parra Chocolate

parra chocolate

Para Chocolate was originally named “Shamnunit” when it was created in 1934. Now it comes in a variety of flavors, such as white chocolate, chocolate with hazelnuts, dragées, popping candy, and milk cream filling.

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