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Jewish baby names

6 Rosh Hashanah-Themed Hebrew Baby Names

A brand new one week old baby boy sleeps wrapped in a white fuzzy blanket. He is peaceful and his hand rests near his mouth.

Now that Rosh Hashanah is right around the corner (it begins at sunset on Wednesday, September 20), I began to think about Jewish baby names that correspond to the New Year and new beginnings. If you’re expecting your bundle of joy around Rosh Hashanah, consider naming them something holiday themed. 

Here are some of my favorites below:

1. Bracha. Bracha is a Hebrew girl’s name meaning “blessing.” Every New Year, we hope for many blessings and good things to come.

2. Baruch. Baruch is a Hebrew boy’s name that means “blessed,” similar to Bracha.

3. Chava. Chava is a girl’s name in Hebrew that means “living.” It is the Hebrew version of Eve, the first woman God created–which also illustrates new beginnings.

4. Chayim. Chayim is the male version in Hebrew of the name Chava, which means “life.”

5. Ava. Ava is a girl’s name in Hebrew that means “life.”

6. Nissim. Nissim is a boy’s name in Hebrew that means “miracles.” Not to be cliche, but every new year that you are alive is a miracle.

Check out our baby name finder for more Jewish names. 

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