6-Year-Old Orthodox Jewish Boy to Star in 'Hotel Transylvania 2' – Kveller
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6-Year-Old Orthodox Jewish Boy to Star in ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’

The next installment of one of your kids’ favorite animated movie series is about to premier only two days after Yom Kippur on September 25th–“Hotel Transylvania 2.” Not only does it already have a star-studded voiceover cast, including Jewish actors Mel Brooks and Adam Sandler, it now features Orthodox Jewish kid Asher Blinkoff, who voices Dennis–the super cute half-human, half-monster grandson of Dracula himself.

Asher’s dad, Saul, also happens to be an animator and film director, working on Disney favorites like “Pocahontas and “Mulan,” while his mom, Marion, works as a producer for Disney and Nickelodeon. So, maybe no surprise how Asher landed the part. According to Jew in the City, Asher has only been featured in an ESPN and Huggies commercial, so this is first speaking role.

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While on set, Asher apparently made sure to keep kosher, work around Shabbat, and keep on his kippah and tzitzit–which can be seen in the behind-the-scenes footage for the DVD. We’re sure his parents are kvelling!

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the trailer here:

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