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7 Edible Thanksgiving Treats to Make with Your Kids This Weekend

Three Thanksgiving turkey shaped cookies on a plate with autumn leaves and pumpkins

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday to get your kids excited about—there’s gratitude for food, family, and our freedom in America. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of preparing a big meal or stressing about spending time with your crazy wonderful family, but it’s also important to take moments to see the bigger picture. I am lecturing myself now really.

Taking some time to focus on a fun task that maybe also involves chocolate or the word “pie” can be a great decompression for you, quality bonding for your kid, and an opening to talk about giving thanks and your family. Here are a few fun edible ways to get in the kitchen with your kids:

Candy pretzel turkey bites from Suburban Simplicity

Nutter butter turkey cookies from I Heart Naptime

Turkey veggie tray and dip from Eating Richly

Turkey-shaped challah from The Nosher

Mini pumpkin pie pops from One Little Project

Pilgrim hat cookies from Handmade in the Heartland

Apple Pie Pops from The Nosher

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