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ruth bader ginsburg

8 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inspired Hannukah Gifts

As we’ve said before, 2018 is the year of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So what better gift is there to wrap in shiny blue paper than adorable merch inspired by RBG?

We’ve rounded up the very best Ginsburg gifts the Internet has to offer. Consider this our Hanukkahpresent to you, dear readers. We ask for nothing in return but a photograph of your baby in an RBG onesie.

1. Action figure

Like the woman in flesh, this RBG action figure is small but mighty. And with over 15,000 backers, this little trailblazer became the #1 Project on Kickstarter — yowza! Pre-orders ship at the end of November, just in time for this year’s early Hanukkah, which starts on Sunday, Dec. 2.

2. “Notorious” onesie

You absolutely must buy this for someone’s babe, if not your own. And if you don’t know any babies, find one.

3. Dissent mug

RBG flipping the bird on a mug is a MOOD. And it’s the perfect gift for those that can’t function without a few cups of morning joe, which is basically everyone.

4. Sweatshirt

This RBG-meets-Notorious B.I.G. cozy sweatshirt is a modern classic you can’t go wrong with. And if it is a bust, don’t return it. Send it me. Please. (I’m begging you.)

5. Finger puppet

Is it a toy? A magnet? A puppet? It’s all three! This is the type of gift you’d never buy for yourself, but would cherish forever if gifted. So, make someone’s Hanukkah (mine, *wink* *wink*) and buy this adorable finger puppet. Just make sure they have a magnetic refrigerator. And if they don’t, you know who to regift it to (it’s me).

6. Calendar

Calendars might be outdated (hah), but this one is GOLD. Twelve consecutive months of RBG, plus a year’s worth of exercises? What more could one ask for?

7. Dissent collar popsocket

Like the justice herself, popsocket phone grips are a lifesaver. Or rather, a phonesaver. It might just be the most useful Hanukkah present you ever gift someone.

8. Sequined pillow

Honestly, this bizarre but oddly amazing pillow is my favorite RBG Hannukah gift. I mean, look at it — it’s got SEQUINS! And it’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg on a pillow! What more could you ask for? Buy mine — I mean, yours — today!


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