A $1 Million Bat Mitzvah Actually Happened & This Is What It Looked Like – Kveller
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A $1 Million Bat Mitzvah Actually Happened & This Is What It Looked Like

Imagine a magenta-colored room with a flock of Light Up Flamingo showgirls decked in feather headdresses and pearls and enough table settings for 300 people. No, that’s not a celebrity wedding, it’s a bat mitzvah. And it literally cost $1 million.

Who throws that lavish of a party for a 13-year-old girl? Apparently, according to The New York Post, Hudson News mogul Jimmy Cohen does. The party took place in their Alpine, New Jersey home with the chicest theme you wish you thought of: 1960s Lily Pulitzer.

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Other party features included unlimited milkshakes, ice cream, flamingos, a roller coaster simulator, and Segways. Um, why were we not invited? Bat mitzah queen of the night, Jaclyn, also had Nick Jonas perform at the bash (for only $300,000). Her mother, interior design editor Lisa Cohen, obviously handled the decor. No pressure, right?

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One guest even told the Post, “It was the most lavish party anyone has been to in a long time, like they used to throw before the financial crisis.”

Talk about decadence. Guess we’re hoping to be invited to the next party they throw. Mazel tov on becoming a woman, Jaclyn. Your adulthood alreadly looks way more fun than ours.

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