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A Letter to My Daughter on the Moment the Glass Ceiling Was Shattered

Dearest Lil,

As we’ve discussed many, MANY times, I don’t usually miss you when you are at camp. You are in your happiest place, and that makes me so happy. And I have the chance to chill and recharge, and that makes YOU so happy.

Last night was different. I missed you so much. Not because I needed you to be with me. But because I know how meaningful it would have been for you to witness the exact moment when, for the first time in our nation’s history, a major political party elected a woman to be its nominee for president of the United States.

Some months ago, you remarked that while you know that President Bush was president when you were very young, your only memories are of an African-American president, and now there was a real chance that he would be followed by a woman. You explained to me that it made you feel like anything is possible in this country and that it proved that doors are open to all people here, regardless of color, gender, or religion.

As a working parent, I was worried that I would miss many firsts of you and your siblings. However, a wise person reminded me that whenever I saw something for the first time, it would be still be a first. It would be MY first.

You weren’t here to see this historic moment in real time. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own moment. When you come home, we will watch the roll call together. You will see a 102-year-old woman, who was born before women were given the right to vote, cast her state’s votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton, her voice strong and filled with such emotion. You will see delegates of every color and every religion and every race. You will hear a myriad languages spoken by citizens of our great nation. The fabric of a vibrant, diverse America reflected in the delegates who are representing the 50 United States and six US territories.

And you will see how to gracefully accept defeat by watching Bernie Sanders, who fought a really good fight, show serious menschlikeit as he ended the proceedings by calling for the delegates to approve HRC as the official nominee of the Democratic party.

We will celebrate your moment together and then, dear daughter, we will get to work.

I love you most,


PS–Hope you are having fun at your home-away-from-home.

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