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A New Jewish Dating App Brings Real Matchmakers into the Mix

If you don’t already know, Tu B’Av is just around the corner. In fact, it’s merely 17 days away, on July 30th; it’s also commonly known as the Jewish Day of Love, similar to Valentine’s Day. While we don’t expect you to find your soulmate in a little over two weeks, this provides the perfect excuse to plan a fun date or at least try out a new app.

Don’t have a special someone? Take a deep breath and don’t worry (because, really, who wouldn’t want to date you?). Maybe you’re too busy with work and friends to meet someone new (who isn’t these days?) and are tired of JDate.

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If you want the seamless ease of Tinder and the Jewishness of JDate, apparently there’s a new app for you: JBolt. What makes JBolt different is the use of actual matchmakers as opposed to an invisible algorithm.

Of course, this isn’t matchmaking à la “Fiddler on the Roof, but more modern and personal; the matchmakers don’t pick someone for you, they simply assist you along the process. Danielle Jacobs, C.O.O. of JBolt says,“The JBolt matchmaker review seeks to circumvent the unpleasant and fruitless dates, and direct the members straight to the dates which have greater potential for success.”

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Count us in! While I personally won’t be joining JBolt anytime soon, as I was lucky enough to find a nice Jewish boy from another corner of the internet called OkCupid, I can say love is all around…the internet.


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