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A Video Sheds Light on What Infertility Is Really Like

Dealing, and struggling, with infertility is perhaps one of the most difficult experiences couples can go through, regardless of whether you are a first time parent or have three bundles of joy already.

It can be difficult to express that type of pain and alienation, especially if all of your friends have good news. Actor Melissa Rauch, for instance, wrote about this the other day, during her own pregnancy announcement.

This is why American Greetings made an ad titled “Not Alone,” as a way to show what couples go through on a daily basis–and how to support couples struggling to become pregnant. The company created the video in collaboration with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

As the YouTube description says, “A card is just a card. But in the right moment, it can mean everything.” Nothing could be more true than that–most people, regardless of what they are going through (and everyone is dealing with something) just want to know they are being thought about, that they are being seen.

Feeling loved by your family and friends is a primary desire and need–and what better way to give others that validation than to drop a line, whether in a card, a phone call, or a text to say: “I see you. I love you. Your pain is valid. And it will be OK, because everything passes.” Videos, even ads, can raise this kind of awareness, and that’s not something to trivialize.

Check out the video below:


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