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A Woman Gave Birth During the Houston Hurricane

As Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on Sunday, a woman went into labor–which seems like your worst nightmare. Thankfully, she was able to safely deliver her baby at a hospital after neighbors formed a human chain to help her get outside her apartment, according to The Cut.

Andrea Smith and her husband, Greg, are both doctors who moved Houston last month. On Sunday morning, the couple woke up to “two or three feet” of water–and worse, Andrea had been experiencing contractions for a few weeks already.

That morning, she realized the baby wasn’t going to wait. Despite calling 911 over and over again, no one came. So they started preparing for a home birth, as they explained to  People:

“As it happens, the apartment complex is home to many medical professionals who work at the nearby Texas Medical Center. A neighbor sent out a call for help on a community message board. In short order, doctors, nurses and EMTs arrived at the door with sutures, scissors and other supplies.”

This is when her neighbors stepped into to help–one of them contacted the fire station, who came by on “what appeared to be a large garbage truck.” Their neighbors then formed a human chain to help Andrea move safely through the water, which was waist-high. She gave birth to baby Adrielle at 1:59 a.m. on Monday morning.

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