Adam Sandler Turns 49 Today--Watch His Funniest Moments – Kveller
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Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler Turns 49 Today–Watch His Funniest Moments

Happy Birthday to an iconic Jewish comedian, actor, and director, Adam Sandler. You stole our hearts in “Billy Madison” and “The Wedding Singer.” And now our hearts are shriveling up just a little as we suddenly realize that you are almost 50 and the 90s were a long, long time ago.

In order to properly celebrate his birthday, we’re sharing some of our favorite Sandler moments with you (and yes, they are all from a long time ago–Sandler’s movie career hasn’t been going so well lately):

1. Everything about this:

2. Really, this is just endearing:

3. Haven’t we all wanted to do this in some way?

4. A family favorite:

5. Because even the lunch lady in your life needs some love:

6. And in case you wanted to watch a Sandler montage, here’s a good one (also, who doesn’t love Operaman?)

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