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Adoption in Brooklyn

When you run a Jewish parenting website, you hear about all sorts of great parenting resources. And of course you want to share the wealth. This is one of those times.

There’s an organization called the Jewish Childcare Association that’s running a series of programs on adoption here in New York. Their adoption program, Ametz, provides guidance throughout the adoption process, including support groups, information sessions, and all sorts of other resources.

And there are two upcoming sessions in Brooklyn that you shouldn’t miss, even if you’re just starting to think about the concept of adoption. The first is on April 17 and focuses on raising adopted kids in Jewish families–including the issues, concerns, and decisions that parents face. It’s appropriate for those who are considering adoption, pursuing adoption, or who have already adopted. They’ll give tips and tricks on how to create family traditions that celebrate adoption and the identities of adopted kids and parents.

And if you can’t make it to that one, on May 8 there’s a program with a slightly different twist: how to talk to kids about adoption. It’s practical advice on how to answer even the toughest questions, and how to keep open lines of communication between parents and kids.

If you’re interested, make sure to pre-register (call this number: 212-558-9949). These programs can fill up fast. And then come back and tell us all about it.

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