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After Emergency Rescue, Is it Fair to Judge the Couple Who Brought Young Daughters on Sailing Journey?

via Eric Kaufman/YouTube

A story on the cover of the New York Times this morning has stirred quite the parenting storm–pun completely intended.

2 Tots, a Sailboat and a Storm Over Parenting” is about the Kaufman family, who decided to go on a months-long journey in a 36-foot sailboat from Mexico to New Zealand with their 1- and 3-year-old daughters in tow. Less than two weeks later, 900 miles off the coast of Mexico, the adventuresome family had to call for emergency help when they could no longer steer the ship. Their younger daughter, Lyra, was covered in a rash and had a fever, but everyone is safe and stable now.

Cue the opinions.

Bloggers far and wide are shouting child abuse, suggesting their children should be taken away. Even the mother’s own brother is quoted as saying, “I don’t understand what they were thinking to begin with. I’m sorry, I don’t even like to take my kids in a car ride that would be too dangerous, and it’s like taking them out into the big ocean?” Then there are those who are angry with the expense involved in their rescue, declaring the couple should foot the bill. Others still praise the couple for following their passions and including their children along the way.

So, what do you think? Was this irresponsible parenting, or two people living life and experiencing the sometimes unfortunate consequences? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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