'Alive' Is the Perfect Anthem for Anyone Who's Suffered from an Illness or Disability – Kveller
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‘Alive’ Is the Perfect Anthem for Anyone Who’s Suffered from an Illness or Disability

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is one of the scariest things that can happen to a woman. For Limore, a trained opera singer and mom of three, this was definitely the case. This is why she wrote the song “Alive” as a way to empower other women with cancer–and connect them through their struggle.

The song is actually part of an album and documentary that will be released this month. On YouTube, Limore explained how the song came to be:

“Limore wrote Alive three days after her first chemo treatment for breast cancer. Throughout her treatment, she wrote and recorded an album of 6 songs, filmed this video and a documentary to be released in June 2017. Her dream is to inspire & empower all to be “Aggressively Positive” in the face of all challenges.”

It’s an emotional song with lyrics that are powerful, like “I fell asleep afraid and I woke up a lion” and “I’m a warrior” and “I’m alive, I’m alive” are a battle cry for women everywhere. Because many women who face cancer (or any illness or disability) want to be seen for their entire selves.

In this way, Limore expresses her true voice, dispelling stigmas around illness while connecting a community.

The video also shows an amazing dance sequence featuring a diverse cast:


Listen to the song below:

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