Amanda Peet Is 45 Today. Here's 7 Moments Where She Gets Real – Kveller
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Amanda Peet Is 45 Today. Here’s 7 Moments Where She Gets Real

Amanda Peet, Jewish actress and author, turned 45 today. The actress, who is best known for her roles in “Saving Silverman” and “Something’s Gotta Give,” also wrote the children’s book “Dear Santa, Love, Rachel Rosenstein,” which we interviewed her about. She also just happened to be married to David Benioff, the c0-creator behind the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones.” So, you know, she probably has GoT secrets…

That being said, as a way to celebrate her birthday, I rounded up six of my favorite moments of hers. Check them out below:

1. That time she talked about how awkward sex scenes are:

2. When she gave her husband a GoT ultimatum:

3. When she talked about aging in Hollywood on “The View”:

4. Peet has awesome mom dance moves:

5. Her perfect imitation of Jon Snow from GoT:

6. When she proved that she can arm wrestle:

7. When she starred alongside Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton:

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