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Amy Schumer’s New Movie Trailer Is Absolutely Hilarious (And Goldie Hawn Is In It!)

amy schumer

It’s official: Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are absolutely delightful together. Their new movie, “Snatched,” is about a woman is going through a breakup and invites mom with her on vacation. Except her mom is a bit overly cautious and lovingly neurotic. So you can only imagine the hilariousness that ensues.

The constant mother-daughter jokes are amazing (like when Hawn gets mad at Schumer for not changing her PIN, despite getting kidnapped… gotta love that mom guilt going on), which makes it the perfect movie to see with your mom. The movie is well-timed, as it comes out on Mother’s Day weekend. Guess I know what I’m doing that weekend.

Watch the trailer below:

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