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Apple-Themed Rosh Hashanah Outfits for the Whole Family

All the ridiculously cute Jewish New Year-approved fashion we could find on the internet.

rosh hashanah apple clothes for kids

Design by Grace Yagel

The other day, as I walked into my local Target, I found myself face to face with a delightful amount of apple-themed paraphernalia. “Incredible!” I thought to myself, “Target has a Rosh Hashanah section!”

I quickly realized, however, that I was wrong. The section was to celebrate a secular holiday that precedes Halloween: apple picking season — which also coincides with back to school season, which is filled with apple imagery. But when life gives you a bushel of apples, you repurpose them for the Jewish New Year, when Jews customarily dip apples in honey for a sweet new year. And as it turns out, there’s a lot of great apple picking kids’ fashion that makes for the perfect Rosh Hashanah outfit — for services, for that family photo shoot where you can never get everybody to actually smile at the same time, or just to wear around the house during the High Holidays.

Here are some of our favorite sartorial apple picks (hehe) for your Rosh Hashanah celebrations:

Midrash Manicures’ Rosh Hashanah pajamas

OK, so I have to start with an exception here — this is an actual Rosh Hashanah outfit! And it’s one that you can match with the whole family. These 100% cotton pajamas, designed by Rabbi Yael Buechler, are perfect for a cozy, in-home celebration, and you can get them for 20% off by using code Kveller20

Gymboree’s Apple Picking outfits

Gymboree’s apple picking outfits are adorable. Yes, the girls’ fashion is more exciting than the boys’, but we all wish this gender neutral sweater came in all sizes. There are some matching options for adults, though they are, unfortunately, apple free, but still pretty fun for the Rosh Hashanah season.

Hanna Andersson apple print pajamas, onesies and dresses 

This apple print is pretty lovely, and I’m particularly partial to this skater dress, which, again, I wish came in adult sizes.

Carter’s apple clothing

There’s not a lot of apple fits at Carter’s, but this toddler outfit is pretty cute, as are these apple pajamas for your little babe and this strangely purple “apple of daddy’s eye” bodysuit.

Gap apple clothing

Gap has an adorable baby embroidered apple dress, a pretty cute apple toddler ruffle sweater and this very casual comfy apple toddler outfit. Gap Factory also has these pretty cute apple print pajamas.

Apple beanies on Etsy

Looking to keep a keppe warm this Rosh Hashanah? Celebrating outdoors? These apple beanies are beyond adorable AND they come in adult sizes.

Apple milk silk dress on Etsy

This kids’ dress has pockets, which is really all you need.

Denim apple twirl dress on Etsy

A beautiful dress for a kid who loves to twirl!

Monica + Andy apple clothing

Monica + Andy stuff is pretty high quality and there are a lot of great options, like this embroidered apple crewneck, this kimono tie one-piece and this apple sweatshirt dress.

Boden apple clothing

For those of you looking to splurge, Boden has absolutely stunning apple clothes, including this apple skirt, embroidered apple corduroy pants and overalls, and a fair isle apple cardigan, which comes in both adult and children’s sizes.

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