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American Political Names

Do you want your kid to be the future President of the United States? It might not hurt to name them after some influential American politicians.

This list includes judges, mayors, congressmen and White House cabinet members. These are some great people to look up to.


1)    Joe (Joe Lieberman–Jewish Vice-Presidential candidate)
2)    Louis (Louis Brandeis–First Jewish Supreme Court Justice)
3)    Barney (Barney Frank–Second openly gay congressman)
4)    Rahm (Rahm Emmanuel–Former White House Chief of Staff)
5)    Ed (Ed Koch–former mayor of New York City)


1)    Ruth (Ruth Bader Ginsberg–First female Jewish member of Supreme Court)
2)    Barbara (Barbara Boxer–senator from California)
3)    Dianne (Dianne Feinstein–senator from California)
4)    Debbie (Debbie Wasserman-Schultz–congresswoman from Florida)
5)    Madeleine (Madeleine Albright–former Secretary of State)

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