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This yarn art can be used for Rosh Hashanah cards or decorations for your sukkah on Sukkot.

Some kids just adore cutting, pasting, glittering, decoupage…

Here are some fun ideas that will excite your craftiest customers, and teach them a bit about Judaism along the way.

Crafts for Jewish Holidays

Rosh Hashanah: Apple-Print Placemat
Rosh Hashanah: Honey Bowl
Rosh Hashanah: Apple-Print Tablecloth
Rosh Hashanah: Stained Glass Apple Plate
Sukkot: Leaf Collage
Sukkot: Edible Sukkah
Simchat Torah: Festive Flag
Simchat Torah: Torah Sandwich
Hanukkah: Menorah-Making
Hanukkah: Challah Menorah
Tu Bishvat: Fruit Mandala
Tu Bishvat: Planting Parsley
Tu Bishvat: Pinecone Bird Feeder
Purim: Cards
Purim: Costumes
Purim: Purim Dolls
Passover: Afikomen Bag
Shavuot: Mt. Sinai Muffins

Jewish Crafts for Any Day

Challah Cover
Dove Mobile
Gluestick Mezuzah
Matchbox Mezuzah
Shabbat Candlesticks
Shabbat Placemats
Tree of Life

Eco-Friendly Crafts

Green Crafts

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