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Dove Mobile

It’s nice to think about your new baby coming into a world filled with peace. Two traditional Jewish symbols of peace are the dove and the olive branch, taken from the story of Noah’s Ark. It was when the dove found an olive branch that Noah realized the flood was over and a new world was in sight.

This mobile was made for my new baby girl, Mika. I used recycled paper and fabric scraps. When the wind blows, the doves move ever so slightly, just enough to keep Mika’s interest.

This is how you can make your own: 

You will need:

Recycled paper (old books, magazines)
Fabric scraps (preferably green)
A tree branch
Printout of the dove template
Glue stick
Fishing wire


1.    Cut the fabric into strips approximately 1 inch wide and 12 inches long.
2.    Wrap the strips around the branch. When one strip is about to end, double knot it to the next strip and keep wrapping until your branch is covered. You may use different colors and patterns for this.


3.    Cut four or five fishing wire strings approximately 30 inches long (depending on the height of your ceiling and how close you want the mobile to be to your baby’s crib).
4.    Tie the wire to your wrapped branch, spaced apart. (Like me, you may find it easier to work on the mobile while it’s hanging, rather than on a flat surface).
5.    Trace the template of the doves over your recycled paper and cut them out. Depending on the size of your branch and overall mobile, you will need to cut out about 30 pieces to make 15 doves total. I used both large and small doves to create a sense of depth.


6.    Apply glue on one side of the dove. Glue a pair of doves together with the wire running in between. Glue a few doves on each wire. (I placed the smaller doves higher. You can adjust the height of the doves even when the glue is dry).
7.    Cut narrow strips of the green fabric approximately ¼ inch wide. Use a double knot to tie the strips in between the birds.
8.    Hang over your child’s crib and enjoy!


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