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baby naming

Downtown Manhattan Bris & Baby Naming Venues


Because let's face it--apartment size isn't necessarily the reason you live downtown.

It’s hard enough to deal with the ritual aspects of a bris or baby naming, let alone having to find a space to rent because you can’t fit all of your family and friends into your tiny downtown apartment. Never fear: Kveller has compiled a brief list of great spaces for you to start. (Now assign some well-meaning relative to check availability–you’re busy enough with that new baby!)

Restaurants/Coffee Shops

Mocca Lounge         
Tribeca          Map It   
Capacity: 75 for dinner, 250 for cocktails
Cost: dependent on food and alcohol ordered
Catering: on-site        212-233-7570


Town and Village Synagogue         
East Village          Map It
Capacity: 100
Cost: dependent on time
Catering: none provided, but food must be kosher    212-677-8090     

East End Temple         
East Village          Map It           
Capacity: 8 – 180
Cost: $300 to $1200, depending on space
Catering: none provided, but food must be kosher-style          212-477-6444


New York University Bronfman Center         
Greenwich Village          Map It   
Capacity: 45 – 90
Cost: NYU/Non Profits: $300 for 2 hours. Others: $650 for 3 hours
Catering: none provided, but food must be kosher    212-998-4114    

14th Street Y         
East Village          Map It           
Capacity: range of rooms available for small to large groups
Cost: $300 for two hours (nonmembers)
Catering: none provided          212-780-0800  ext 4313         

Jewish Community Project         
Tribeca          Map It        
Capacity: 50 – 60
Cost: $300 for three hours
Catering: can be provided; if own food is brought must be vegetarian and kosher-style    212-334-3522     
The Educational Alliance         
Lower East Side          Map It       
Capacity: 50 – 112
Cost: $60 – 100 an hour
Catering: none provided        646-395-4081     

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