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Israel Family Travel Guide

Eilat With Kids

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All the way in the south of Israel, by the Red Sea, you can find Israel’s vacation city of choice: Eilat. While it’s a schlep — it’s around a 4-hour drive from Tel Aviv, or a 1-hour flight if you feel like getting into a plane again with your brood — it is definitely worth it!

Eilat is a great city for kids, full of seaside attractions and entertaining activities for the whole family. So pack up your sunscreen, your swimsuits, and your goggles, and go enjoy Eilat’s gorgeous attractions!

Attractions on the way to Eilat:

If you’re driving to Eilat, here are some amazing place to stop at on the way.


Meet some cows, ride some rides, enjoy some interactive exhibits and some outdoor play at the playground in Yotvata, one of the country’s oldest kibbutzes and its most famous dairy farm, just 40 kilometers from Eilat.

Timna park

Go for a hike, ride a pedal boat, go zip lining and bottle some sand while beholding unique land formations at this gorgeous park in the heart of the dessert, just 25 kilometers from Eilat.

Seaside attractions:

The Dolphin Reef

Meet brilliant bottlenose dolphins at this unique resort! For a fee, you can explore and walk around the reef with your kids. Children 10 and over can even go swimming and snorkeling with the brilliant sea mammals (accompanied by an adult, of course). Yes, it can be a pricey adventure, but your kids are sure to remember it!

You can make reservations in advance to swim with the dolphins on the Dolphin Reef’s website.

Go kayaking, sailing, and more on Kisuski Beach

Kisuski beach is full of exhilarating activities! Go sailing, kayaking, paragliding, ride a towable banana boat and more! And yes, if you’re not in the mood for all this (water) jet setting, you can always enjoy sitting at the beachside cafe.

The underwater observatory

Check out the sharks and Eilat’s beautiful and unique coral reef at the city’s underwater observatory. You can take the Coral 2000, a glass-bottom boat, for a special up-close viewing of the corals and sea life. Check out their schedule so that you don’t miss special activities and displays, like watching the sharks being fed! Your kids will love it!

Go snorkeling and diving

If you’re traveling with teens, you can contact one of the many scuba diving companies in the city for a unique underwater adventure. Just know that the legal diving age in Israel is 12, so younger kids will have to wait and contend with other, more shallow, nautical experiences. Bring some snorkeling goggles to the beach and you’re still likely to enjoy some beautiful sights!

Hit the beach

Eilat has gorgeous beaches. Wherever you go, from Princess Beach to Migdalor Beach to Mosh Beach, you’re not likely to get anything but a magical experience. Make sure to wear sunscreen and try to stay away during peak heat hours with kids.

Indoor attractions:

The Ice Mall

This mall has all the usual attractions, shops, coffee shops, and restaurants, but also a huge Gymboree, an ice rink, and even a rollercoaster!

Or just stay at your hotel!

Hotels in Eilat are known for having great distractions and attractions for little kids, from guided activities to arts and crafts. And there’s always the draw of some family time at the pool!

Outdoor attractions:

The Camel Ranch

Go on a trek on the back of camels, ride donkey carts (yes, literal carts attached to donkeys, life is amazing!), and enjoy climbing rope bridges and shooting down zip lines in this thrilling ranch in Eilat. Truly, camels, donkeys, and zip lines, what more can a kid ask for?!

Eilat Birding Center

If you thought Eilat was all about fish and corals, you were wrong! At the Birding Center, you can observe many species, from seagulls to flamingos to rare species of warblers and  sparrows.

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