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Jewish baby names

Funny Biblical Names You Should Never Give Your Kid


There are plenty of names in the Bible for you to choose from when picking your kid’s name. You’ve got Isaac, Sarah, David, and Rebecca, just to name a few. But for every cute name in the Bible, there are five terrible ones. Here are some of the worst.


1)    Anani (1 Chronicles 3:24)
2)    Kenaniah (1 Chronicles 15:22)
3)    Shammuah (2 Samuel 5:14)
4)    Ichabod (1 Samuel 2-3)
5)    Pallu (Genesis 46:9)


1)    Abishag (1 Kings 2:17-25)
2)    Gomer (Prophet Hosea‘s wife)
3)    Rahab (Joshua 2:3)
4)    Zibiah (2 Kings 12:2)
5)    Hepzibah (2 Kings 21:1)

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