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Havdalah Spice Bag

Havdalah is a ceremony at the end of Shabbat that separates the holiness of the holiday from the regularity of the rest of the week. As part of the ceremony, you light a candle and smell sweet spices, an aromatic reminder of the richness and sweetness of Shabbat, that you can carry with you  as the new week begins.

You will need:  

Clean sock or tights
Cinnamon stick
Whole cloves or nutmeg


1. Cut a six inch length of the sock, making sure it is open on both sides.

2. Tie off one end with ribbon about 1 1/2 inches in from the edge. 

3. Fill with spices, leaving space to tie off the other end. 

4. Tie the other end. You can refill with new spices when these lose their scent. 

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