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Jewish baby names

Holiday Themed Names


If your child is born over Hanukkah, give him or her a name related to light.

You might not have ever considered naming your child after a holiday. But then if your daughter is born during Hanukkah, giving her the name Leora (my light) suddenly makes a lot of sense. And it sounds pretty too.


1)    Leor (Hanukkah. Meaning: my light)
2)    Ilan (Tu Bishvat. Meaning: tree)
3)    Nissan (Passover. Meaning: the month of Nissan, when Passover occurs)
4)    Matan (Shavuot. Meaning: gift)
5)    Alon (Tu Bishvat. Meaning: oak tree)


1)    Leora (Hanukkah. Meaning: my light)
2)    Hadas (Sukkot. Meaning: myrtle)
3)    Ilana (Tu Bishvat. Meaning: tree)
4)    Meira (Hanukkah. Meaning: one who illuminates)
5)    Naomi (Shavuot. Meaning: pleasant)

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