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Jewish CDs for Babies & Toddlers


Lilah Tov (Good Night): Jewish Lullabies

Tor Hyams

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Tor Hyams is a Hollywood music producer whose roster of clients includes Perry Farrell and Debbie Harry. Recently, though, he’s also branched off into the world of children’s music. He produced a CD for Disney called “A World of Happiness” that featured Isaac Hayes, Samuel Jackson, and Magic Johnson, and he was also one of the founders of the music festival Kidzapalooza. On the side, Hyams also produced this CD of 14 orchestral adaptations of Jewish songs. From the holiday-themed (“Mi Yimalel“) to more straight-up songs like “Hinei Ma Tov,” the album is perfect to help put kids to sleep. “Lilah Tov” has become such a household fixture that we’ve burned ourselves a backup copy, just in case.

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