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Taller than Jesus

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Okay, admittedly: (a) The song “I Wanna Be Sedated” was originally performed by the Ramones, not Jewmongous, (b) it’s a punk song, and (c) the rest of Jewmongous’s album Taller than Jesus is most assuredly not for kids. (The humor in “Be My Little Shabbos Goy” is very adult, to put it mildly.) In fact, the album’s website comes with a parental advisory that would make Tipper Gore proud: “Due to adult themes and language, JEWMONGOUS is not recommended for children under 13 unless you’re raising them to be sailors.”

But, during the longest crying spurts of our child’s first months, after I’d exhausted all the lullabies I knew, the songs I fell back upon were the songs I loved most. The punk songs, the pop songs, anything that I’ve memorized and can sing, in a whispery voice, over and over for hours.

So, until your kids are old enough to understand the lyrics of songs like “Christian Baby Blood,” by all means, enjoy!

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