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Jewish CDs for Babies & Toddlers

When we were about to have our first child, my wife only wanted to play Jewish music. The noises (and songs) that a child hears in the womb, she said, impact its soul. My wife, who comes from a long line of Jewish mystics, is not someone who you doubt in these matters. And while I was skeptical–I was really itching to play some Sleater-Kinney for my little zygote–I went along.

After our daughter was born, we struck a balance–the loud punk-rock stuff, yes, but also music that espoused our Jewish values. If, like my wife, you’re into exposing your kids to Jewish music, here are a few albums to get you started. It might help your kid’s spiritual development or they might just like to listen, clap their hands, and dance around–and that’s fine, too.

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