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Where to Buy What You Need For Kids in Israel

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Ooops! You’re in Israel, and you’ve forgotten something important — say, a swimsuit or a hat. Or maybe you need some extra diapers and wipes, or maybe you just want to get them a present. Here are all the stores that you need to know about when you’re traveling in Israel with kids. Just open Google Maps (or any other map app)and look for the closest outpost of on of these chain stores.

Where can I find diapers, medicine, and baby bottles in Israel?

Superpharm or Be

Superpharm and Be are the two biggest drugstore chains in Israel. Think of them as the Israeli version of Walgreens or CVS. You will not find as much over the counter medicine as you might in the U.S… but, if you think about it, does anyone need 12 different versions of the same cold medicine? Anyway, here’s what you will find: diapers, wipes, kids snacks, toys, bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, hair ties, ibuprofen, and other kids medication. If your kid is suffering from a rash or a light ailment, you can even stand in line for the pharmacy and get some tips for over-the-counter creams or medication you can use to help them.

Where can I find food and snacks for kids and babies in Israel?


These are the two biggest Israeli grocery store chains. From fruit to snacks, to basic toiletries, you can find anything you need in these grocery stores.

Where can I get children’s clothes in Israel?

Carters/Children’s Place:

That’s right, both of these American kids brands can be found in shopping malls across the country, but the prices are much steeper than they would be in the US, so keep that in mind. Read on for some local (and more affordable) brands

Golf Kids

With dozens of locations across the country, this kids’ clothing store is accessible, affordable, and often has some pretty great sales.

Fox Kids

Not to be confused with the children’s channel, this Israeli basics chain with many locations across the country has a good selection for kids, babies, and adults.


With dozens of stores across the country, Kiwi offers affordable kid and baby clothes with cute prints and details.

Where can I get baby gear in Israel?


Shilav is the biggest kids chain in Israel, and sells everything from strollers and car seats to toys and pacifiers. Shilav has everything parents of babies and toddlers need, though the prices are, again, steeper than what you might find in the U.S.


This chain, named after the Hebrew word for “pacifiers,” can be found at almost every major city in Israel. It has everything you need for babies, though the brands may be different from what’s available in Shilav.

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