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Awesome Mom Shares Intimate Photos to Dispel Myths About Crohn’s Disease

Living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis is definitely not easy, and it’s definitely not something written about very often. Because of this, those who are not living with either disease often don’t know what it entails, causing stereotypes and myths to circulate. But one mom wants to break down stereotypes about what it’s really like living with diseases. (SPOILER: She’s just like everyone else.)

32-year-old Krystal Miller is an Australian mom of two kids who recently started a blog called “Bag Lady Mama,” where she often posts about what it’s like living with two inflammatory bowl diseases since she was just 15. She often posts photos showing her ostomy bag, as a way to prove she’s not living with an “old people’s disease.” Besides all that, she’s pursuing a nursing degree so she can do stomal therapy.

Because of her condition, she was told she wouldn’t be able to have children, but clearly, she proved her doctors wrong. This is exactly why she writes about parenting, especially since it doesn’t always come easily. She explained to The Mighty:

“I feel its very important to use photos with my blog. It shows me as I am, and that I am just like them. I want others to feel like they can relate and I know their pain and struggles because Ive been there.

I want to help others not feel so alone in their struggles. I hope to inspire others like me to be brave and not feel like they need to hide their battle wounds.”

What I love about her Facebook page is the fact that she’s not afraid to be intimate, even what some may consider provocative. She’s fiercely honest in a way that is refreshing, because she’s not “fakebooking,” she’s just living. In one photo, she talks about how it’s hard for her to feel sexy at times.

When asked what advice she would offer someone newly diagnosed with Crohn’s, Miller stated:

Allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself, then pick yourself up and fight. You control your body and your medical treatment. Don’t fear that your life is over though because its not. You are not alone.

And she’s totally right. Her advice doesn’t just apply to Crohn’s either, it can apply to an array of illnesses, diseases, and health conditions–from depression to autoimmune diseases.

Don’t forget to check out her page. Here’s two of my favorite posts by her:

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