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Baby Monitor Films 2-Year-Old Saving Twin Brother From Fallen Dresser & It’s So Intense

Accidents happen. We can’t prevent every accident from happening–or you know, they wouldn’t be called accidents–and life is full of the unexpected, both good and bad. Sadly, for Ricky and Kayli Shoff of Utah, they had a terrifying experience with their kids, as their 2-year-old twin boys had a piece of furniture fall on top of them.

Their twin toddlers, like most toddlers their age, like to explore. Last Thursday, the boys were climbing on top of their bedroom dresser. The furniture toppled over and trapped one of the boys–but what happened next is incredible. The baby monitor filmed it all, showing the other twin, Bodie, come to his brother Brock’s rescue.

The boys’ parents were in another part of their house and didn’t hear it fall, according to KUTV. They only realized what happened after they watched the video. It’s truly amazing to see Bodie react so quickly to the situation–and be able to push the dresser off Brock. Kaylie Schoff couldn’t believe her eyes, but also admitted to feeling terrible for not being there:

“I really saw it come to play in just this act of love for a twin brother… I felt like the worst mom in the world.”

Both parents were initially hesitant to share the video, but did so in order to raise awareness on the dangers of unsecured dressers. Because of what happened, the Schoffs now bolted the dresser to the wall and the knobs on the drawers have been removed. Of course, that being said, it’s impossible to “toddler-proof” your home completely, but any effort helps.

Last year, IKEA gave parents tips on how to secure furniture to walls and prevent them from tipping over–which is definitely worth checking out. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, as the saying goes.

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