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back to school

Back To School–Lunch

My almost 2-year-old daughter starts “school” next week. Until now, she’s had a combination of babysitters and nannies and parents to care for her. But next week she’ll venture off with a dozen kids to play, sing, learn, nap, and eat.

So far, all she knows about school is that she’ll bring her new monkey backpack, which she plans to fill with “toys, water, snacks, and Aba.” I haven’t had the heart yet to break it to her that Aba probably can’t fit into the monkey backpack.

Of course I’m worried about how she’ll acclimate to the new environment, what it will be like when there are two teachers taking care of a dozen kids as opposed to one person showering her with all the attention she needs, and then some.

And then there’s issue of lunch.

I will now have to pack it for her every morning and for some reason I’m focusing my stress on this. What should she bring? Will it be peanut butter and jelly every day? Can any of you out there help out with some ideas of good, healthy meals?

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