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Barber Helps Boy with Autism Overcome His Fear of Haircuts

Recently, James Williams of Jim the Trim barber shop in Briton Ferry, Wales, posted photos on Facebook showing himself lying on the ground next to a boy named Mason who has autism, all while he was cutting his hair.

While this approach may seem unorthodox, Williams explained that Mason had been uncomfortable getting his haircut in the past, especially around his ears; Mason’s parents even brought him to the shop before, but with no luck.

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So why did he lie on the floor in the first place? Williams felt by going “down to a child’s level, literally,” Mason would feel more at ease. He just happened to notice that Mason seemed more comfortable on the floor, telling People:

“I went on the floor as I found that’s where he always wanted to be. He played on his father’s phone, watched random programs, and that entertained him,” Williams, who also quieted the rest of the shop for the cut. So I thought, ‘Let’s join him and lay with him and see if it works.'”

boy getting haircut

Luckily, Williams’ tactic worked, as he even got a high-five from Mason.

We’re glad this haircut proved to be a positive experience for both barber and tot, and hope the pictures will raise awareness about the hurdles many families who have kids with autism face.

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