Behind the Scenes of Amy’s “Oh, It’s a Tiara!” Moment – Kveller
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Mayim Bialik

Behind the Scenes of Amy’s “Oh, It’s a Tiara!” Moment

Things you should know about “The Shiny Trinket Maneuver” AKA “Oh, it’s a tiara!”:

1. I only delivered the reaction to the tiara that way every single time we rehearsed it for five days. It was my instinct to do it exactly that way and I was never told to do it otherwise.

2. The original line was, “Oh my God, it’s a tiara!” but I don’t like to say God’s name “in vain” or in performance (since my “Blossom” days) so I just sort of vocalized my way out of the “my God” part and no one said anything to me so I kept doing it that way.

3. “Put it on me,” was scripted to be said five times, but the audience was laughing so hard I just kept it going to cover the time until the next line so Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny) would not be left hanging and waiting.

4. I had no idea what the physicality of my performance looked like until I watched the scene at home. (I hate watching myself as I discussed in my review of “The Isolation Permutation” for I know what it felt like though; a total melting; a collapse; the conveyed intent was that Sheldon’s understanding of me was so deep and so perfect and so touching and so profound that it literally weakened my knees. I have been lucky enough to have that feeling a few times in my life of literally being weakened by a man’s affection, and I have found it powerful and comedic, even in its profundity and tenderness.

5. In one rehearsal, my “Of course I do [look beautiful]! I’m a princess and this is my tiara!” came out too intense. Our director, Mark Cendrowski, told me, rightfully, that I seemed angry. A point well taken. I adjusted it by backing off and making sure to gush instead of gloat.

6. Originally, Amy left the scene’s focus to admire herself in the mirror after kissing Sheldon. One of our executive producers suggested I embrace him after the kiss and linger in his arms awkwardly. I think it was a brilliant suggestion.

7. Jim didn’t put his hands on my back in every take to ’embrace’ me after I hug him. Sometimes his hands just hovered, but obviously what you saw on TV was the version of the scene that our editors and producers liked best.

8. I never got to see Kaley Cuoco’s reaction to me during the scene because I was so all over the place and out of focus in the moment. I love how adoringly she looks at me after she puts the tiara on me.

9. The tiara moment was chosen by CBS as the #4 of the Top 10 Big Bang moments of the past 100 episodes. This blows my mind.

10. I love performing the words of our incredible writers. I couldn’t have written that scene if my life depended on it. But I will perform it–and others–for you as if it does.

Thank you for watching.

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