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Ben Stiller Is 51 Today. Here Are 6 Times He Made Us Laugh Until We Cried

ben stiller


One of my favorite comedians is celebrating his birthday today. Yes, that’s right–it’s Ben Stiller’s birthday. The Jewish comedian and actor is officially 51. The son of the Jewish comedians Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara (Jerry, of course, is famous for his role on “Seinfeld“), he’s also a dad to two children with his wife and actress, Christine Taylor.

As a way to celebrate Stiller’s birthday, I rounded up six of my favorite moments from his career:

1. He created and starred in “Zoolander,” probably one of the best satirical films about the fashion industry ever.

2. He perfected his “blue steel” look in “Zoolander 2.”

3. He awkwardly talked about milking cats in “Meet the Parents.”

4. He stole our hearts in the film adaptation of the short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty“:

5. He made us laugh in “Tropic Thunder“:

6. He and Owen Wilson were interviewed about “Zoolander”:

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