Billie Lourd Gave Touching Tribute to Mom Carrie Fisher, While Dressed as Princess Leia – Kveller
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Billie Lourd Gave Touching Tribute to Mom Carrie Fisher, While Dressed as Princess Leia

Yesterday, the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Celebration took place in Orlando, Florida, an event which turned into a stunning tribute to the late Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia in the film series. Fisher passed away in December 2016.

George Lucas, the franchise’s creator, said she could do “anything,” stating:

“She could hold her own against anything. She wore a dress through the whole thing, but she was the toughest one of the group. And that’s the key to Carrie being able to play that part. It was a hard part to play, and she pulled it off brilliantly. And it really shows the level of her talent. And at the same time, she was fun to be with.”

But it was Billie Lourd, Fisher’s only daughter, who stole the show–as she dressed up as Princess Leia and talked about her mom. It’s clear from her speech that she adored and looked up to her mom as a role model:

“My mom used to say she never knew where princess Leia ended and Carrie Fisher began. She went from being an unknown actress, the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, to Princess Leia — a character synonymous with the idea of the ultimate strong woman. A soldier. A fighter. A beyond-capable, independent, sensible woman in control of her own destiny. A rebel who resisted the norm. She was imperfect in many ways, but her imperfections and willingness to speak about them are what made her more than perfect.

My mom, like Leia, was never afraid to speak her mind and say things that might have made most people uncomfortable – but not me, and not you. That is why she loved you, because you accepted and embraced all of her.

No one could have known what this once-little dream of a movie would eventually become, what it would be to millions worldwide, mostly not her. But in our world, Star Wars ultimately became a religion, our family, and a way of life. And I wanted to be here with all of you because I know that many of you feel the same way.”

Lourd went on to say that her mom taught her three important things, reciting her mom’s famous monologue from “A New Hope”:

“She taught me three important things: one thing all mothers should teach their daughters: ‘Years ago, you served my father in the Clone Wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire. I regret that I am unable to present my father’s request to you in person, but my ship has fallen under attack and I’m afraid my mission to bring you to Alderaan has failed. I have placed information vital to the survival of the Rebellion into the memory systems of this R2 unit. My father will know how to retrieve it. You must see this droid safely delivered to him on Alderaan. This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.’

Secondly, she taught me that if life isn’t funny, then it’s just true, and that is unacceptable.

And finally, I learned by knowing her that the most evolved person is seemingly a contradiction: They’re both the strongest and the most vulnerable person in the room. And that was her. That is Leia. Thank you for loving her and carrying on what she stands for. I am beyond grateful.”

You can watch Lourd give her touching speech below:

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