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Breaking News: Kveller Tote Bags Are Here

We know you’ve been getting a lot of emails and pop-ups from us lately. And we know we’re kind of nagging you. (But then again, isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?)

But it’s all for a good cause–it’s part of our fundraising campaign. Since Kveller is a non-profit, we rely on support from our awesome readers (like you!) to keep on kvelling. And for a donation of $36 or more, you’ll get our exclusive (and super cute!) Kveller tote bag.

When our tote bags arrived at the office, we can’t lie…we were pretty excited. Who doesn’t need another way to schlep your snacks, Advil, or bottles of wine around? (We tested this, and it can comfortably fit six bottles. Yup.)

We took these bad boys for a test drive around New York City. Here are the results:

Get your Kveller tote bag here.

Our editor, Molly, brought some Count Chocula, because why not?

molly tolsky

Meanwhile, our Editorial Assistant, Joanna, apparently doesn’t know how to stop being so serious. But hey, this tote is the perfect size to carry children’s books around stylishly.

joanna valente

After this glamorous New York City photo shoot, you can’t deny wanting one. So help us out, and donate today!

Get your Kveller tote bag here.

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