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British Mom Had a Three-Week Orgasm After Every Birth

Who knew giving birth could feel so good? For one woman, birth was a very pleasurable experience not once, but four times, as she claims to have had what felt like a three-week orgasm following each birth.

Midwife Emily Street, a consultant for leading U.K. fertility clinic Reproductive Health Group, clearly knows a lot about how to give birth. This is why it’s not surprising that she understands how to make birth more pleasant. And, well, she wasn’t joking around.

How did she do it? The 35-year-old midwife chose hypnobirths and said she ended up having “orgasm-like sensations” for three weeks after each birth. She explained that it’s not just a “hippy-dippy” thing:

“People think that hypnobirthing is this airy-fairy, hippie, new age thing, but it’s really not. It’s a real, back to basics principle. [For me], giving birth was nothing more than uncomfortable. There was no pain in the traditional sense.”

Street began researching natal hypnotherapy right before the birth of her now 9-year-old son. She enrolled in a three-part course, which included hynobirthing, claiming she learned how to keep calm during labor–using the idea of slow breathing, which relaxes the muscle fibers in the uterus. She explained:

“Rather than taking deep breaths in and tightening up, you take really nice long, slow breaths, with the lights down and the music playing. I’d asked for talking to be kept to a minimum so that I could really focus — I certainly didn’t want someone shouting, ‘Push! Push! Push!’

Apparently, the sensation was so amazing that she wishes she could feel that way again (although she doesn’t want more kids):

“I absolutely loved every minute of being in labor. I don’t want any more children but I would love to have that sensation again … it’s absolutely amazing.” 

I wish we could all feel this at least once in our lives.

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