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Cancer Patient Transforms Her Chemo Treatments into Amazing Photo Shoots

Cancer is absolutely frightening–and the treatments can be completely grueling. This is why two moms created a project while they get chemo–they glam it up for their own photo shoots.

Karen Walsh, a 40-year-old mom and actress in New York, found out she had stage 4 cancer this past September–it had spread from her colon to her liver and lymph nodes. So, she decided she wanted to do a series of fun photos at each of her chemotherapy sessions. She explained why in TODAY:

“I actually really don’t like getting my photo taken normally. I do love taking photos and documenting things through photography. I was also scared and I think that prompted me to want documentation for my children, just in case, as dark as that may sound.

It was and continues to be a great diversion for me while sitting in an infusion center. It’s fun. Time passes quickly.” 

So far, she has dressed up to depict her favorite characters from “Star Wars,” “Golden Girls” and “Rocky,” to name a few. She’s even gotten her friends, family, and staff at Weill Cornell Medical Center to make appearances and help out.

Here’s some of our favorites from her Instagram:

round 11 stills – winning! #LifeAfterDiagnosis

A photo posted by Karen Walsh (@kwrandthebigwin) on

Love it.

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