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Celebrity Parents Blast Common Core on Social Media


Louis CK has been all over the news lately after he took to Twitter to blast the Common Core (a controversial new curriculum that has been adopted by more than 40 states), posting photos of his 3rd grade daughter’s most confusing math problems.

The tweet that started it all:


Of course there was quite a Twizzy (See what I did there? Twitter+tizzy? Never mind) over Louis’ comments, with many Tweeters defending the Common Core and some arguing that the comedian should not use his celebrity platform to bash the educational system. Here’s a little recap of Louis’ best comebacks:

And our fave:

And finally, resignation:


Yesterday, new (Jewish) mom Regina Spektor added her voice to the mix on Facebook saying:

I’m with Louis on this… It’s wrong to test kids like this. I always had a hard time with standardized tests, but when I was a kid there were less of them and they didn’t run our lives. My mom is a public school teacher (music!!!) and I have watched the tests/days of testing multiply… Most teachers just want to teach! There are many different types of intelligence in the world so there need to be different ways to teach and test concepts… We would do better to teach empathy and spend more time on sports and the arts in schools. Math can be taught creatively too, and not just as scary test preparation… Good luck to all the kids taking this, and to their parents! Remember- this stuff doesn’t define anybody!

If nothing else, Louis deserves credit for being a super hands-on dad and suffering through Common Core with his girls. What do you think of the Common Core? How are your kids handling the new math curriculum?

This old Tom Lehrer song comes to mind:

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