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Dad Creates Powerful Video Documenting Preemie’s First Year in 365 Seconds

Having a premature baby is extremely scary–since you don’t know what’s going to happen. Not being in control is hard to deal with, especially when it comes to the health of your child. This is what happened to one dad when his daughter was born six weeks early. Brad Mitchell began taking videos each day he and his wife had with her.

While their doctors constantly said that Lillian would pull through, it was often difficult to believe that. Mitchell explained that he wanted the documentation just in case something went wrong:

“As the days went on, we kept recording, and we decided that no matter how things went, we wanted to be sure we had full documentation of her first year that we could look back on and enjoy, and maybe even one day share with her.

As you look back, only 30 seconds of the video is being stuck in that hospital, and at the time, it felt just like an eternity. But now that we look back we see hundreds and hundreds of other seconds that followed, it just kind of washes that away.”

Now that Lillian is 1, Mitchell made a video where each second is a moment of Lillian’s first year, which is titled “365 Days in 365 Seconds.” The journey begins in a Toronto hospital and ends with friends and family singing “Happy Birthday” to Lillian at her 1st birthday party this month.

Now Lillian is almost walking–and she’s also best friends with the couple’s Frenchie Pierre, as Mitchell calls them “inseperable”:

“She’s not walking on her own, but she climbs up on the couch and climbs up on the dog’s back sometimes. The two of them are inseparable.”

Watch the adorable video below:

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