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Dad Dresses as a Fairy Princess for Daughter in Moving Ad

Parents will do anything for their kids. Like a single mom juggling soccer practices and dating in order to make her son happy. Or a dad dressing up as a fairy princess just to make his daughter laugh.

This is why it’s kind of hard not to love Chase’s “Mastery 2.0” campaign from ad agency Droga5. The entire campaign consists of four stories, two of which really capture our own hearts–one of a single mom and one of a dad willing to don a fairy princess outfit for his daughter’s birthday party. Of course, the big catch is that each family uses Chase to plan their financial future (which is ultimately the whole point of the ads).

Donna Vieira, CMO for Chase consumer banking, explained why they chose to tell the stories this way:

“Our customers come to us for advice at pivotal life moments—retirement, saving for college, dealing with a change in life circumstances. We wanted to tell our customers’ stories around these moments.”  

While we know ads are meant to tug at our heart strings in order to make us want a certain product, these short commercials are thought-provoking and do capture real moments parents experience every day. Watch the two videos below, and decide what you think of them:

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