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Dad Narrates His Daughter’s Makeup DIY & It’s Full of Hilariously Bad Dad Jokes

Many dads don’t really know a whole lot about makeup–unless your dad happens to be a makeup artist. In the case of 13-year-old Megan Michell, also known as YouTuber Meggs and Bacon, her dad is unsurprisingly puzzled by her elaborate and expensive makeup routine. So much so that he narrated one of her tutorial videos. And it’s pretty hilarious.

You might be thinking, really? Is this actually that funny? Yes, it really, really is. Immediately, Megan’s dad lays out all the dad jokes ever, calling her foundation sponge a “little egg that’s squishy,” and explained that Too Faced is named this because “if you don’t have enough face, this will give you a little bit more face.” Amazing. It truly is worth watching for a good laugh. Here are some of his funniest lines:

“I use this little egg that’s squishy, and you just want to dab, dab, dab… This is a very expensive palette and I only use a couple of ’em, but don’t tell my dad cause it’s kind of a waste.”

Yup, sounds like a dad. Megan originally posted the video to YouTube last month, but it started gaining even more traction after it was posted to Facebook this week–it now has over 39 million views. Megan recently told Buzzfeed how her dad is still proud of her hobby, even if he doesn’t totally get it himself:

“[My dad] thinks that I have way too much makeup and spend way too much time on that kind of stuff. But I think overall he’s proud that I do it as a hobby and not because I’m insecure or anything.”

Get a good laugh by watching the video below:

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