Dad Photographs Kids with Illnesses as Superheroes — and It's Stunning – Kveller
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Dad Photographs Kids with Illnesses as Superheroes — and It’s Stunning

Dad and photographer Josh Rossi has been working on an amazing project recently: He photographed six children with cancer or other serious medical issues dressed as characters from the Justice League.

This past October, he began the project when he turned his 3-year-old daughter into Wonder Woman for a birthday photo shoot, which prompted him expanding the concept.

Rossi recently told The Huffington Post that parents of kids with illnesses reached out to him after seeing the Woman Woman series of his daughter:

“After I did the Wonder Woman series of my daughter, I got calls from families who had kids with cancer who asked me to do photo shoots for them. They kept saying that their daughter or son was the real superhero. I decided to go out and find all of the real superheroes, the kids who have been fighting very difficult battles.”

Over the course of two months, Rossi and his team photographed each child, also making custom costumes for each child. Rossi explained how they decided to make each costume tailored to each child’s condition:

“For example, Teagan, who first of all loves Superman, was born with half of a heart. He has a similar weakness to Superman. Superman’s heart grows weak when he is next to kryptonite. 

Kayden’s story was similar to Cyborg’s in that he almost died at birth but his mother chose to keep him alive and the doctors had to amputate both legs. Cyborg is similar because after a bad accident he was going to die but his father kept him alive by giving him robotic parts.”

Most of all, Rossi hopes his project inspires others to help those around them.

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