David Schwimmer Is Now 50. Here's 11 Times Ross from 'Friends' Made Us Love Him – Kveller
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David Schwimmer Is Now 50. Here’s 11 Times Ross from ‘Friends’ Made Us Love Him

Get ready to feel old. David Schwimmer turned 50 years old today. Yup, that happened. It’s been 22 years since “Friends” started in 1994. In honor of this Jewish dad’s milestone birthday, I compiled all of my favorite Ross Geller moments from “Friends.”

Here are 11 moments that made us just love him:

1. Sofas will never be the same again.

2. That time he tried to whiten his teeth. Oy.

3. Let’s not forget the spray tan (which makes him look eerily like Trump). 


4. That time he went on spring break as a professor…


5. When he gets hangry.

6. That time he blackmailed Bruce Willis. 


7. His flirting technique.


8. His argument with Rachel over a grammar mistake.

9. When he said “Rachel” at the wedding…

10. That time he hosted his own wake.

11. And of course, bagpipes.

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